"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

- Peter F. Drucker

Image: Everwise

Image: Everwise

I moved to Austin in 2006 with my dog, Lynyrd, and no absolutely no one. We lived in a small apartment right off I-35. Within two months I was managing at the environmental non-profit that I had moved south for, and by my one year anniversary I was on track to run my own office.

But I was also drowning in debt. I had maxed out four credit cards and was receiving a dozen phone calls a day from debt collectors. I took out a loan to pay off the credit cards, chopped them all up, lived within my means month by month and paid off the loan.

So I've been there. I've had debt and I've budgeted to get out of it. I've worked my way from an entry level position to running my own award-winning office. I've saved enough to travel to Europe for three months for my honeymoon. I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for six years, until I decided to quit before I turned 30, terrified I would lose another decade to smoking.

I would love to take what I've learned and help you do what you want with your life. Sometimes we need a helpful person checking in to help us see that we spend too much money eating out at restaurants or spend too much time scrolling through Facebook. Once I helped a friend who thought she needed to get a second job on the weekends see that she could actually be saving $1200 a month, but she just did not know where it went. I love solving problems - so you just let me know what you need and I'm there for you. No judgment, just results.

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$30 - 30 minute session
$60 - 60 minute session

My general availability is Monday-Thursday 8-11AM or 1-3PM.
But I'm flexible, so you can always request alternative arrangements.