As folks find out that we’re venturing off to Costa Rica, everyone asks, “Are you excited?” And the truth is, yes I am excited, but I am also filled with a heavy feeling of sadness. I’ve been trying to wrap my mind and emotions around this journey and I’m having a difficult time trying to articulate what I’m feeling and thinking. What I do know, is I’m sad because I am happy. I am happy right where I am, I am happy doing what I'm doing right now. So because I love my now, my here, I have some melancholy even though we are about to embark on an amazing adventure. I am also certain that when we arrive to see the sun kiss the ocean I will fall in love with Costa Rica and surely some of the mopes will melt away.

So I wanted to give a big thank you to some special people that have helped me get to where I am so I can continue to where I'm going - where ever that may be in the end (if there ever is really an end). Thank you for being in my here - I love you!

Cliff & Clara Trahan have been the most wonderful in-laws I could ever ask for. We originally planned to live with them for a year, which was already such a gift. The year stretched to two. We live like a nuclear family, cooking together, eating together, watching TV together (we do not have the same taste in television, so its been a bit of a struggle, but that's a small thing, comparatively). I am very aware that my first year as a stay at home mom was significantly easier as it could have been because of the love and support from Cliff & Clara. I have been able to run in the morning when Zac goes to work because Clara is there to get Dario up and start his breakfast. My life would be and will be (even in Costa Rica) much, much, much harder without living in the Hollow. I will forever look back at this time as one of the best times of my life. Thank you. I love you!


Madilyn McCarthy, Felicia Vijitchanton, and Patsy Springer are amazing yogis and fantastic teachers! My yoga journey began at a YMCA in Dubuque, Iowa, went stagnant for a decade, picked back up at a snail's pace with Lotus Yoga & Dallas Yoga Center in Dallas, Texas, went stagnant again, and started back up when I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training at Black Swan. So when I began YTT with Madily, Felicia, and Patsy I was very much a beginner to the world of yoga. They were so loving and patient. I was so impatient. I remember working to come into a headstand and Madilyn told me, “Be patient. It will come with time. Don’t kick up!” I kicked up. I fell over. I almost took out the girl next to me and I learned my lesson. Fast forward seven months, my headstand game is strong. Madilyn was right. Be patient. Practice and all is coming. Thank you, Black Swan Yoga. Thank you Madilyn, Felicia, and Patsy! I love you!

Ying Yoga was the first studio to offer me a teaching position. When I was nearing the end of my training I researched nearby yoga studios, emailed out my yoga resume, and started to take classes in those studios. Ying Yang, the owner of Ying Yoga, was super welcoming and very excited to learn that I was about to get my teaching certificate. There were studios that told me directly that I could demo if I wanted but they wouldn’t be hiring a fresh teacher. I guess at least they were honest, but no, I did not go demo just because. Maybe I should have, maybe I could have shown them that their preconceived notions of new yoga teachers having no talent is bogus. So thank you, Ying for giving me a chance. Thank you for letting me spread my wings and find my voice.


Laura W, Kristin F, Renee V, Emily T, Krista P and Megan B all booked private sessions and helped my business grow from the get go. Your support and love gave me experience but most importantly, it gave me confidence in my abilities. Thank you for inviting me back into your homes and lives week after week, month after month. Thank you for understanding the service of yoga instruction deserves money and not taking advantage of friendships by asking for free yoga. You all are amazing yogis and hope you continue your yoga practice. You are strong, fierce women!

I am so happy teaching yoga and beginning this new voyage to Central America. I can’t believe that I didn’t think to try yoga teaching sooner. But I trust my journey began right when it was supposed to begin and I don’t worry about the shouldas, wouldas, or couldas. I am here. There will always have a there. A new habit, a new trait, a new metric that will make me a better, stronger, smarter, person. And yet when I get there, it will always become my here. So I practice love here, joy here, contentment here. Because in the end, here is the only place I will ever, truly, be.