Happy Monday!

Last week I said that I would be posting every Sunday. And here we are… Monday! You could say that I didn’t post because I’ve been busy but I’m a strong believer in its never about how much time you do or do not have, its all about priorities. I offer this as an option. Whenever “I didn’t have time,” etc comes out of your mouth, replace it instead with, “It wasn’t a priority.” You didn’t have time for yoga this week? Or it wasn’t a priority? You didn’t have time to get to work on time? Or it wasn’t a priority? Time is constant; there are always 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day. It’s all about how you spend them.

I love working with time and planning days and weeks. I love being on time and working to respect others time as I hope they do mine. And if you’re just one of those “late” people, perhaps thinking of your own time and own set of priorities and perhaps not of others’ time or priorities, which is actually fine. It just is what it is and it may cause some to not work with you or make plans with you in the future. So there’s that part of being a late person. Hint! What is a mobile activity that you do every day? Read? Drink coffee? Facebook? Now, get to wherever you are going 30 minutes ahead of schedule and then do that activity. Or get yourself close, maybe to a local coffee shop or park and do that activity. You’re still doing everything that you would do otherwise at home and you’re getting to where you’re wanting to go on time. Et voila!

But I love budgeting time and making lists and setting priorities and if you want to try some of that out - give me a holler because I also do life coaching! And no judgments from me on what is right or wrong. Your best self is the best you can offer to the world. And that’s the point. For you to feel that you are your best self. Whatever your priorities may be. We can meet up in person, or on the phone, or Google Hangouts, there are lots of ways to communicate these days. But let me know if you want to try it out! Maybe you’ll find that you have a lot more time for things you really want to be doing. Maybe you’ll finally knit that sweater, set up a monthly brunch with your besties, or just find a date night with your person. Who knows what you’ll find when we dive into your junk drawer of lost minutes.

Also, new things on the yoga front! I’m teaching here at Fisher Hollow in the mornings 6:30 am twice a week and in the evenings 6:00 pm 2-4 times per week! Yoga & Tacos was another hit this week. Four (different than last week!) yogis were catching some Vitamin D by the bamboo forest instead of on the porch like last week. I like practicing next to the bamboo, you don’t need music, you have all the nature to help you crack your heart open to the heavens in Camel and melt heavy into your mat in Savasana.

Dario, Zac, and I are heading to Arizona for our annual family reunion (my side) on Wednesday for a week. When we get back I start my regular class schedule at Ying Yoga. Plus three private, weekly bookings so far. In total, I’ll be teaching eleven hours a week - 1 more and I’ll be a full-time yoga instructor! Very cool.

That’s it for this week. Hit me up if you want to work on prioritizing and budgeting your time!