It’s Christmas 2013. We’re at the Grand Canyon. And we decide we’re going to try and have a baby. In a year. Let’s give us an entire year to make sure. Because we love to travel and we’re not rich. We’re at a crossroads and we need to be very, very sure about this.

Thanksgiving 2014 we’re camping in Arkansas and I stop taking the pill. Now my mom had big, big problems trying to get pregnant so I was expecting it to take some time. But no, three months in and wham, bam, thank you, ma’am, we are pregnant. Zac had just left for a week-long work trip. He asked me to wait until he got back to take the test. I waited until after work that day and called him right away. Should I have waited? Sure. Should we have just taken the test that morning when we were still both together? Absolutely. I could never have waited. I knew I wouldn’t wait. Next time. But I’m getting off track.

So we decide to move in with Zac’s folks. It’s a temporary pitstop. Somewhere to live while we save to buy a house in Austin. Dario is born in November 2015. We quickly realize can’t afford anything, Austin is too expensive. We’re particular, sure, but if you’re going to buy a house it’s okay to be particular. So we think, okay, let’s build a house out here on the folk’s property. We could afford it but we could never sell it. If we ever wanted to move we would have no equity. And we’re not ready to save forever to any one place so reality sets in. We can’t buy a house and we’re not building a house. It’s September 2016.

What are we going to do? Live with the parents forever? We’re 33 & 37, with a toddler, and living at home. This is not what I dreamed adulting would be like.

So let’s move somewhere cheaper. We start looking at cities we would want to live and then one day Zac says, “If we’re moving away, away from family, away from all that we know, what if we moved away-away.” It’s a crazy idea and exciting and terrifying but we start looking into it, just for fun. Just like how I still look at Trulia and dream of living in a house under $200,000 near Barton Springs. Just for fun.

And then Trump is elected. From a candidate that I thought had no chance. A joke candidate to winning the electoral college? I’m blown away. The day after the election I took a bath, sit long enough that the water gets cold. I drain the tub and refill. I didn’t and still don’t know how to process this. But it makes a trip abroad seem like more than just a silly idea. We get a passport for Dario.


We think we’ll leave before Inauguration day. That doesn’t happen. It was too fast. Texas is in its Legislative Session and Zac has a lot of work to do. We’ll leave May. But Zac still has more work and I’m teaching a full schedule. Are we ever going to move anywhere? Will we stay here in Limbo forever?

So we bought tickets. Forcing our future to solidify, at least in a timeline sense. We fly away September 19. We’re moving to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Moving may be a strong term. I say moving because this trip is more than a vacation. We’re going to rent and live and work and see if we could live in Costa Rica long term. Zac can work remotely. I can (hopefully) find work teaching yoga. I am so excited and so terrified.



I am also so full of doubt. I’m teaching a full schedule and could take on more if we were staying. My sister in law just had her second baby and Dario is in love with his new cousin. And now says Wes (SIL’s first child) every time he walks past Wes’s picture in the hallway. My heart breaks to not see these boys grow up together. But I could sit around and think about all the reasons why we shouldn’t do this and that’s not how I want to spend my minutes.



I’ll be blogging about the trip here on the website. We’ll take lots of pictures. Make sure to follow my Instagram (@virginia_marie_yoga) for Stories and photos. I watch other people do crazy, fantastic things with their lives and I’m jealous. Well I’m done with seeing alternate realities and wondering what if. Let’s do this thing.

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