I had a hit of humility this past week. It knocked me off my pedestal and brought me back to earth. It brought tears to my eyes, filled my tummy with knots, and rang Cher's 'If I could turn back time' in my ears. But you don't turn back time, you can not redo what is done. I keep coming back to Maya Angelou "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." So true. Hugh sigh from this side of the computer. 

Zac has decided to work 30 hours a week beginning in 2018. This will release any financial stress I have as I build my yoga teaching practice here in Tamarindo. Yesterday I tuned into a brilliant podcast that I'm now binge listening to fill my head with all of the knowledge. Jennifer Barcelos and Sandy Connery's Soulful MBA Podcast, Episode 47: "Eighteen" brought some clarity, and reality, to my path. Essentially it takes eighteen months with consistent daily action to make a business work. I would love to have a beautiful mix of studio classes + private hotel gigs + personal yoga clients + workshops + retreats. This will take time, hard work, patience, and good vibes to become a reality. And all of those things all of the time. I need to work daily (in some capacity) on my dream with good vibes while being patient. Easy peasy..............

Time + Work + Patience + Vibes