Get on your mat. Every day. Even if its just mountain pose. Even if its "just" insert anything here. And let's get rid of the word "just" while we're at it. 

Get on your mat. Every day. Even to do mountain pose. Even to do any pose. Even to roll your mat out and roll it right back up again. You're like, that's silly, Virg. Why on earth would I roll my mat out just to roll it back up? Well, when is the last time you rolled your mat out? So no, it isn't silly. If you want to make a change make it something so small, so easy, it would be ridiculous not to do it. Want to run? Put on your shoes. Go stand in the street. That's it. You can go back inside now. You have done your part. But maybe you run a bit. Stand on your mat. You have done your part. But maybe you do a Sun Salutation A. What to cook a meal? Chop one clove of garlic. And that's it! 

And feel good with all that you've done. Even if it was silly little. It's more than nothing. Maybe you'll do more tomorrow. But maybe you won't. Either way, you're awesome and that's the whole point. Because if you can't be happy with your now, your here, how will you ever be happy with your next when, your next there. 

This is what I've been meditating on lately. Being happy with where I am, knowing I always want to improve and move forwards. Yet, continuing to be happy with my now, my here. It's difficult. We keep moving the goal posts. We make goals, achieve them, and move the goal post. But that also has the continual feeling of failure - always moving the goals just out of reach. When will enough be enough? When will we be finished with goals? When we will be happy with our here, our now. Great. Now I have a new goal..........................